My yoga-practice started in 1998, and I certified to teach in 2012. Back in the ’90s, I was an aerobics instructor.

I have developed the following specializations in fitness instruction:

  • Slow Flow Yoga: a combination of alignment based, Iyengar-inspired yoga, and flowing Vinyasa yoga.
  • Chair Yoga: active and fully chair-bound versions.
  • Restorative Yoga: a floor-based, heavily propped practice for relaxation and rehabilitation, for the body and mind.
  • Yin Yoga: a floor-based practice with long holds, deep stretching, and a meditative approach.
  • Pilates: a floor-based core-work practice with yoga-style meditative movement.
  • Step aerobics: 101-style cardio-work with a fitness bench as the prop. Mindful-movement is worked into this heart-healthy, weight-loss-friendly practice.
  • TRX: a strength-and-flexibility enhancing practice using a TRX-band.

Populations I have worked with include the following:

  • Students over the age of 50, with varying ability levels and limitations.
  • Students with the ability to stand and move freely, but lacking the ability to easily get on and off the floor.
  • Students with cognitive limitations, due to dementia-inducing illness.
  • Young adults, Moms, and teens.
  • Kids: I assisted with a kid-yoga class. I don’t teach group classes in Kid-yoga, but I can refer to someone who does.