Class Descriptions

See schedule for more information on class locations. Main sites are Movement Arts and Camano Center. 

Slow-Flow Yoga: A challenging yoga-sequence that strings together poses in a meditative and continuous flow. Alternative poses are always offered, to make the class available to most levels. Up to 5 minutes of meditation at the end of class. I teach a version of this style, everywhere I go.

Step Aerobics at Camano Center: An easy-to-follow step-aerobics class with a thorough warm-up, a solid cardio workout, and a yoga-like stretch session, at the end. Get a good workout, even if you have two left feet. Bring a yoga mat, or a padded stretch-mat, and a water-bottle.

Gentle Yoga: A more piece-by-piece practice, that differs from a flow-practice. Gentle Yoga is “Yoga Light.” Poses are modified, and props are used throughout the practice to assist in limitations for flexibility, strength, and balance. The practice is presented in stages, with slow transitions to create a more cautious approach.

Rock Hard Yoga: An intermediate to advanced yoga class, designed for anxious people who want a physically demanding class. Once we’re wrung-out enough to get a little Zen, a short meditation will follow. Music selections will include various shades of rock — from classic to metal to grunge, with a dash of Reggae and Blues, here and there. In Rock Hard Yoga, I will solidly work you in a sweaty, shaky, hard-core practice before placing you in a melty-cool meditation, with calming tunes and a guided meditation to ease the monkey mind into meditative bliss. If you are interested in scheduling this class at your location, let me know. When I get three students confirmed, or one of my sites requests this version of yoga, I’ll make it happen.

Private Sessions & Workplace Yoga:  Fine tuned to your individual needs, this is likely to be a slow-flow, Iyengar inspired style. But if the bodies I am working with in these sessions do not respond well to the style I teach in a group-class, I will individualize to that person or that group.


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