I took a hiatus from yoga teaching in the spring of 2018, as I develop a new career-path in physical therapy. I will teach again, in 2019, once I find a good time-slot. It may just be events, here and there, or an ongoing flow or Yin class.

WHEN I DO TEACH … here is what I do

Slow Flow Yoga: A moving meditation that threads together yoga poses, with one pose easing into the next, making an hour-long practice feel like one continuous movement. Spend a few breaths in a pose, and move with a physiological bag-of-tricks that will calm the mind, while increasing strength, flexibility, and balance.

Flow Yoga: An athletic practice that starts with phased-in movements to a pose, to optimize alignment; then transitions to powerful sequencing, intended to wring out stress.

Yin Yoga: A practice that uses long pose-holds to open muscles, myofascial tissues, and energy channels. Modifications offered and encouraged.

Restorative Yoga: Heavily propped, meditative poses meant to allow an opening in the body, with no effort — just release.

TRX: A flow practice, with suspension-straps that hang from a ceiling. TRX bands can help you find complacent muscles and strengthen them.

Step aerobics: Mindful cardio-friendly movement using an aerobics bench. Drop pounds, while strengthening your heart and mind.

I train often in yoga, and list workshops, teaching hours, and specializations on my Yoga Alliance profile. Or, follow me on Yoga Trail.