Class Descriptions and Location information located below this schedule. Beginners — get started in Yoga Basics. Illness and injury concerns? Please contact me in advance.

7:30-8:30 a.m. Yoga Basics, Movement Arts. Gentle but deep work, with phased-in entry to basic yoga poses.

Note: Movement Arts offers four early morning classes, every week. Interested in a regular a.m. practice? Sign up today — de-stress, before the day begins. Not early enough? Consider private or semi-private sessions, through Movement Arts.

6-7 p.m. Yoga Flow, Movement Arts. A physically challenging flow-practice.

8-9 a.m.
 Yoga Flow, Movement Arts. A physically challenging but option-heavy flow practice. Deep work; slow movement.

Schedule subject to change. Check back for details.


Yoga Flow: A moving meditation that threads together yoga poses, with one pose easing into the next, making an hour-long practice feel like one continuous movement. Spend a few breaths in a pose, and move with a physiological bag-of-tricks that will calm the mind, while increasing strength, flexibility, and balance.

Yin Yoga: A practice that uses long pose-holds to open muscles, myofascial tissues, and energy channels. Modifications offered and encouraged.

Yoga Basics: A softer style, with poses that start modified and ease into more challenging options. Those re-entering yoga or just starting can benefit from this cautious and instructive class-format. For a Yoga Basics class, visit the Movement Arts website.


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