Information on Class Descriptions and Locations are located below the schedule. Beginners are welcome in all classes.

Illness and injury concerns? Please contact me in advance. 

TUESDAY — No classes on June 20 or June 29
7:30-8, Stretch & Balance, Camano Center

9-10 Chair Yoga for Functional Movement, a workshop-series from July 18 to August 15, at the Camano Center. Pre-registration required.

4:30-5:30 p.m., Yin Yoga, Movement Arts.

FRIDAY — No classes on June 30
7:30-8, Stretch & Balance, Camano Center.
8-9 a.m. Step Aerobics, Camano Center.

9-10, Yoga Flow, Movement Arts.

Stretch & Balance: 
a yoga-ajacent practice of poses and exercises to enhance balance and flexibility.  Engage the muscles that literally help you stand upright, or bend-and-squat to the floor. Loosen up what is tight, in your body. This class is fine-tuned to the participants.

Step Aerobics: a newbie-friendly cardio-workout with basic-and-fun, sporty moves, and a great workout. This practice improves cardiovascular fitness, and is a moving strength-work. Patterned sequences using a cardio step (looks like this) are used to increase heart-rate and leg-strength. Tips offered on proper-form, to make the practice safe and effective.  Drop-ins are welcome, but advance-registration guarantees your spot.

Yoga Flow: Slow-flowing yoga-pose practice, that uses the previous pose to decide what to do next. My practice is slow-flowing, so we spend a few breaths in a pose, or more, before moving on. Good for beginners, but those with injuries and health-issues should have a chat before class.

Yin Yoga: a deep stretching and release practice, that is mostly floor-based. Yin Yoga works with myofascial tissue, to open the body and release the body’s tendency to tense-up, and hold onto that tension. Modifications offered and encouraged.

Yoga Basics: I don’t have my own Yoga Basics class yet, at Movement Arts, but I do sub that style sometimes. It is a softer style, where we pause in poses and break them down verbally, so you can find your best form, and your best modification. Those re-entering yoga or just starting can benefit from this cautious style.

I teach at two main sites, and sub occasionally at the family owned gym in Stanwood: Come find me at Movement Arts and Camano Center, and during my occasional sub-time at Stanwood Swim & Fitness. All three sites handle payment and registration.

Movement Arts:
preregister online, or drop in for any of the 28 classes in Yoga Flow, Yin, Yoga Basics, and YogaTone. We’re located at Terry’s Corner on Camano Island.

Camano Center: Contact Kendall: 360.387.0222, For Camano Center classes, Aerobics Steps are available onsite. Drop-ins are welcome, BUT, if you sign up in advance, we will order more steps!!! Pre-registration is encouraged, but not required. More information here.

Stanwood Swim & Fitness: call or drop in. The charming and friendly gym is located in Stanwood, 360.629.SWIM (7946).  

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