What I teach

I have taught quite a few styles of yoga — flow, restorative, chair yoga, rehabilitation-styles that stop-and-start exercises and focus on a specific healing area.

For group classes, I have landed on just two meditative specializations that I teach as an artistic outlet, when an opportunity fits:

Slow-Flow Yoga: a rhythmic and ongoing style that strings together similar poses, one flowing into the next, like a dance. Meditative movement with an stress-relieving “wring-out” effect. Cautious.

Yin: long-held poses with props such as yoga-blocks, blankets, bolsters, and straps. This is a deep-stretching, opening practice with a powerful meditative effect.

Personal teaching rule: No headstand is taught by me, ever. I teach to the body not the pose. Classes are for groups, so I expect people to walk in the door with doctor’s orders in their mind, and to take care of themselves. I honor limits and laud the yogis who honor theirs.