Bennu means … what?

In short, it’s a bird.

The Bennu bird is a mythical deity, and possibly the inspiration for the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes, a parable of renewal. To me, the Bennu bird represents what yoga can be: a comeback.

Yoga is you-remaking-you.

The Bennu is relentless and elegant image, much like the Blue Heron. So, the Bennu is a reflection of what yoga is — it is that strong silence within you. If you can access that silence with a steady yoga practice, it will be easier to access it in everyday life: to calm you and people around you, even in the most trying circumstances.

I intend to train people to do yoga the way I do: to own it. Your practice, your body, your health belong to you. The Bennu bird creates a nice metaphor for that ownership — if you embrace your practice, you can liberate your body, and be present in your movement. No one can make that happen for you, or take it away from you — it’s yours.